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Kunekune Boars At Stud

We operate a kunekune stud service for other kune breeders, and have usually have several bloodlines to choose from.
If you wish to discuss breeding kunekune pigs, please email.

"Hamish". Andrew Kunekune Boar. Champion boar at the British Kunekune Society Show 2011.
Kunekune Andrew Boar at Stud
Kunekune Andrew Boar at Stud
Kunekune Andrew Boar at Stud


  • Stud fee £50.
  • £10 per week (or part week) board & lodgings.

How it Works

We need to time visits to co-incide with other visits, so planning ahead is essential. Generally sows arrive and stay for 3weeks to ensure one cycle is caught. If you know when your sow will be on heat then we can time visits so that a second heat could occur during a 3-4week visit.
In the event the sow does not become pregnant then the stud fee is free for return visits, only the board & lodgings is payable.

Past Boars

Some of our boars that we have used in the past.

"Georgie". Ru Kunekune Boar. Kunekune Ru Boar at Stud

"Alfie". Andrew Kunekune Boar Kunekune Andrew Boar at Stud